What are the Payment terms of Link Publishers?

Steffy Rain

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Link Publishers releases payments on the 15th and 28th of every month following the withdrawal request made by the publisher. (How to make the payment withdrawal request?)

We provide two payment options for publishers:

  1. For international publishers, we pay through PayPal.
  2. For domestic (Indian) publishers, we provide the choice of payment through either PayPal or bank transfer.

We use PayPal payments to international publishers. We do not deduct any fees on our end, but it is possible that you may incur fees from PayPal. 

If the publisher is based in India, we offer the option of payment via Bank Transfer. However, to get the payment, it is necessary to provide us with an invoice. The payment will be released upon receipt of the invoice. For payments to the Company bank account, the invoice should include a mention of 18% GST.

Note: Our payment policy is limited to the specified modes mentioned above, and we do not offer any alternative payment methods.

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