Why and How to send the Google Analytics Report for Website Verification?

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In this article, learn on why and how it is necessary to provide Google Analytics report to Link Publishers.

Why is Sending a Google Analytics Report Important for Website Verification?

  • Google Analytics outperforms any other SEO tool by providing more accurate website's traffic.
  • Websites with verified admin status are displayed at the top of the Marketplace.
  • This increases the possibilities of getting more orders.
  • You are recognized as the Web Admin of that website.
  • We no longer allow any other contributor to add your website on Link Publishers.
  • On the Advertiser's dashboard, your site will be labeled as a "Featured" site.

How to generate and provide Google Analytics report?

Google Analytics report: Acquisition -> Acquisition overview

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account and select the Acquisition -> Acquisition overview.

2. Then select a date range – last 30 days – click APPLY, and then Share this report – Download file -> Download PDF:

3. Finally, you can send this report via email by forwarding it to [email protected] along with your website URL and the email address you have registered with.

Note: To receive a verified status and correct traffic statistics, it's essential to follow the provided instructions accurately.

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